Thursday, February 26, 2015

A cultural thing

We are experiencing bleak cold damp weather and Lili suggested we drive to Piedripa to take a Sauna and Turkish bath. Nice clean place but no relaxing area which I found odd, just a too short cold plastic chair next too the Turkish inferno. This was the first Turkish Bath I'd had since Istanbul so I was still somewhat  traumatised by that event which I might tell you about some day if you are an adult and broadminded
Now, the mens' changing rooms have huge sign painted on the door which reads 'MENS CHANGING ROOM' in Italian
Simple enough; so in I whisk to find it inhabited by three ladies with a bunch of little boys whom they are preparing for a swimming lesson.
So I check the sign on door. Yep, it's the MENS CHANGING doubt.
I wait a while. Should I say something? Is it a family day where these things are allowed? Should I go instead to to the LADIES CHANGING ROOM?
Eventually I just go for it and get discreetly changed and in the too hot Turkish Bath I mention this to Lili and she just smiles.
Then when I go back to get dressed; same bunch again. So I get changed once more in a discreet corner, mumbling, grumbling softly to myself.
Driving back she tells me that it would be because the little boys wouldn't want to be seen naked in front of girls. So that's why.
Oh! I see, I say, not seeing at all
Turkish Bath and trauma; definitely a link there

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