Sunday, January 10, 2010

Christmas pudding

Just blown up the microwave with a Christmas Pudding!
My fault entirely which I share with the microwave and the Christmas Pudding.In my defence though, what do I know about Christmas Pudding?; haven't eaten one for years (they're banned in house) and what do I know about microwaves?..we have one but never use it. OK, you guessed, Lili's away in Bari and it as my usual egg and chips wkd and there was this Christmas Pudding on the shelf given by an English friend and somehow overlooked (otherwise ir would have beem binned). So, I'd peeled off the cooking instructions, in pieces and mistread the instructions; thought it said 50 mins.
Was on SKYPE with mate Jack from SF and there was this smell, and then smoke and then billowing smoke.
I'd often wondered what the meltdown at Chernobyl actually looked like. Now I know.
When I woke up to what was happening I rushed to the kitchen I found the inside of the microwave was a molten white crucible of fire. Switched power off of course and then rushed to open all windows and doors to clear acrid smoke.
And retreated.
An hour later I ventured back in and oh my Gawd what a mess.
The microwave? Just burning bits.
The Christmas Pudding? not a trace.
I think the ex-microwave might still be radioactive.
I re-read instructions. It was 50 secs!
The wife's gonna kill me