Wednesday, March 27, 2013

We moved

From Amandola to Morrovalle. Been here now some 8 months and are settling in gradually. Miss the majesty of the mountains but not their overpowering nature, nor the cold winter (ten years was enough)
We have lost three pets along the way, Bessie died in June, she was 16 years old and happy up uintil the end, never once having had to go to a vet. Then little Tikka who just disappeared. We think she found the change and the uprooting too difficult to handle and that she found an easier home nearby. Maybe she'll make it back someday. Hope so, because I miss her and the little games we used to pay tohgther, whizzing her around the legs of our kitchen table. New arrival Orfeo went missing 10 days ago too. He is a sweetheart and we are praying he'll come back too.
Morrovalle is a pretty little town and the people are friendly. Civitanova is only 15 mins away and cinemas and theatres are all close by, shops too an the sea just 15 mins away too.
We have purchased lots of shrubs and trees and are just awaiting some warmer weather to get stuck in to our new garden.
Will post up some photos along the way. Here's one from my 'Homage to La Sibilla' series

It's one of a set of ten, 120cmX90cm