Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Drops from 35C to 23C.. and which do I prefer having cool English blood?

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Monday, July 19, 2010

Sibillini Nights


I bought the T shirt, I did! I never do that, ever.

But this was my friend Giorgio's organised weekend of Sibillini Nights.

Now the Sibillia (as you all know children) is the seer, the Sybil, the Goddess, prophetess who abides in these parts.

So, we attended the film 'Il Cecco' on Saturday night. He being the medieval intellectual and free thinker who was declared an heretic and executed by the Church. Then this was followed by a very late ending dinner half way up mount Sibillini.

Then up at the crack of dawn Sunday morning for the great trek up to the Sibilla's cave. It was hot, some 30C climbing up but the wind switched to the NE as we began out descent and dropped to 21C.

Being understandably knackered, we zoomed back home for a snooze then zoomed back to look at the colours of Casteluccio (these pics)

Castelluccio 1

and delightful they were too. then back for a meal in Monte Monaco, then a gorgeous short film by Giorgio; his look at Il Cecco's life in poetry and image. Then music in the park where I sank a Beck's and then got drowsy. So we slunk away about 11.30. Still knackered I am ...and thank God it's rained for twenty minutes today. Delicious!