Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Cabin fever

The snowfall lasted 12 hours, silent and windless which meant it did a lot of damage to trees, blocked roads and caused a lot of accidents. I usually do my mole act at such times and bury myself beneath DVDs and crisps. But this one took a pylon down up above Garula and we (or should I say I) were without power for 5 days.
Five days in which I got colder and colder (no heating except a small stove).No TV, no music, no shower or hot water, no electric blanket, so cold bed, Yuk!
Couldn't escape because we have five animals and I just get them all into the Kangoo at the same time. You know, like trying to fit a dozen eels into a jamjar (great pun Mice!) I was finally rescued after five days by hero electicity engineers who had descended from somewhere in Paradise to save me. Took a look at myself in mirror on day six when power and wife came back and I generally agreed with my reflection that I looked very much like a dead worried sheep. especially after an improvised bath which I did a Boy Scout task on. Seven huge pans of boling water poured into bath and washed myself like Clint Eastwood did in those movies. Couldn't get soap out of my hair though, darling, and hence dead sheep impression.
Now, two days after, wife back, sunshine back and deadsheep look slowly diminishing
Tell you what though, it doesn't half make you appreciate the taken for granted things like electricity, heat, water, music, porridge.

This lunchtime...cold air but warm sunshine.mmm